Since its beginnings in 1977, the State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) has completed more than 1,500 projects along all of California's coast and around San Francisco Bay, with hundreds more projects currently active. These projects achieve a wide variety of conservation and recreational purposes including construction of trails and other public access facilities, purchase of parklands and wildlife habitat, restoration of coastal wetlands, rivers and streams, protection of near-shore ocean waters, restoration of public piers and urban waterfronts, and conservation of farmland and working forestlands.

This Project Viewer is a tool designed to provide information to the public about projects entered into by the SCC over the course of its history. Many more projects and greater background information will be added as we are able to digitize this detailed information and as new projects are undertaken as a result of future board authorizations.

Using dropdown menus on the viewer, the user can select multiple layers to view, including SCC project areas where they are available. This information can be viewed over different base maps. The link icon below the navigation tools can be used to share the current extent of the map via email.


While it is the intent of the State Coastal Conservancy to provide an exhaustive project map viewer, the SCC predates the internet and many records are not yet in an appropriate digital format for display. As such, this is not a complete map, but rather represents a majority of SCC projects to date. As further records are digitized, more projects will be added to the map.

The location data presented on this map are predominantly point data, and do not represent the full extent of each project. Locations are approximate and do not indicate public ownership or access.

If you have comments or questions about this map please contact the SCC.

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